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We are not just another marketing agency; we believe that telling stories through our integrated solutions is the best way to connect with customers. In addition, one of our strategies is to align one-of-a-kind solutions with our goal of capturing the attention of young people in this day and age, when the average attention span on social media is rapidly decreasing. Influencers and content are always worthy of praise. Still, when used with the right strategy, they can be as delicious as cheese on pizza after partnering with Canopus Media as your advertising agency. There will undoubtedly be a significant amount of cheese spread across your pizza.

We are a global company made up of Gen-Zs working together to assist companies of all sizes in achieving their objectives by applying integrated marketing strategies in every region of the world. Our company has more than five years of experience in this field, and we have shared our knowledge with over two hundred businesses, including Samsung, Netflix, and Oneplus.

Our Team

We love design, technology, story & design beautiful brands

Padmakar Phad / COO

Suraj Kumar / Director Of Media

Yash Sharma / Head Of Media

Bhumika Malinda /
Account Coordinator

Bhavvaya Khurana /
Account Coordinator


Our Clients

we have worked with the leading global brands across the globe in various industries.